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Welcome to the world of the most luxurious fibers, the best designs and craftsmanship.
Our clothing collection, comprised of the best brands in the world and the most exquisite manufacture and fibers, features luxury garments made from Alpaca and Baby Alpaca wool, Vicuña wool, Merino Wool, Silk, Linen and Pima Cotton: the world’s most exquisite fibers.
Andes Luxe features the worls’ most varied Alpaca wool garment collection, at the most affordable prices. Alpaca has been for years, one of the favorite fibers for warm, fuzzy sweaters, shawls, blankets, ponchos and scarves. We thought it was time to give you an overview of why exactly it is one of our favourite materials. Alpaca was incredibly valuable to the ancient Incans who called alpaca fibres “Fibre of the Gods” and valued it higher than silver and gold. The alpacas are sheared once a year, and fibres are sorted by hand and classified in thickness and colour. Alpacas are native to South America, mainly Peru, which hosts about 75% of the world’s alpaca population.
Vicuña wool is the finest natural fiber in existence: finding fine Vicuña wool garments is not easy, and finding them well price even more difficult; that is until our Andes Luxe collection was formed. The vicuña is a relative of the llama and lives exclusively in South America, primarily on the high alpine plateaus of the central Andes.

The vicuña’s thick but soft coat is a special adaptation which traps layers of warm air close to its body, so it can tolerate the freezing temperatures. Vicuña’s have the finest coat of any animal its fibres are about half the thickness of the finest wools. To preserve this beautiful fibre in its purest and softest state, it is only available in its natural rich tobacco shade.
Merino Wool is a type of material that comes from Merino Sheep and is renowned for its exceptional properties. These include its fantastic softness, shine and breathability. The fibres of Merino wool are softer, finer, and more sensitive than many other fabrics. Common wool types are warm, durable, water repellent, and naturally insulating. All the exceptional qualities of the Merino sheep wool add up to make the recipe for a world leading wool. The incomparable quality has made it not only highly praised but also highly sought after.
Despite a variation in grades among Merino Wool, the diameter of the wool is consistently microscopic – ranging from 11.5 microns to roughly 24 microns. Thanks to selective breeding, the Merino Sheep can produce this ultrafine wool which is finer and of a higher quality than other types of wool.
Pima cotton is a higher-end type of cotton with a longer fiber than conventional cotton. It has a reputation for producing a smooth fabric that’s soft to the touch, wrinkle-resistant, and ultra-durable. For those who like numbers, Pima cotton fibers measure between 1.4 to 2 inches in length, while conventional cotton fibers measure up to 1.1 inches long. Pima cotton fabric comes out softer and more durable than if it were made from a shorter staple cotton.
Manufacturers say that Pima cotton has a 50% longer life expectancy than other cotton products. It’s also great for people who have sensitive skin!

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Showing 1–12 of 109 results